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Importance of Cooperation in Sales and Marketing Dividing departments in pursuit of specialized tasks has been one of the heinous results of that era we had because of its effort to professionalize every section of the organization. In this type of set up, what results is constant squabbling if not, blame shifting when outcomes are below the expected. The departments that suffer the most are the marketing and sales department that don’t see eye to eye most of the time over quality and quantity. While marketing asserts that sales is not following the leads that they have painstakingly provided and is therefore wasting their time, sales on the other hand who have punctually chased leads to close the transaction claims that marketing is providing too many leads that simply makes it hard for them to succeed. The situation will be unresolved if there is lack of communication between these departments which can hamper progress. In this case, however, sales and marketing operates on different strategies. When it comes to marketing, their aim is to get as many leads as possible, providing interesting messages so that customers will respond with interest. However, this will not lead to success if everything is turned over to sales without lead quality and without the help or cooperation of the sales department. If there is proper communication and specialty compromises that help achieve the company objective then there will be better results and this would be that marketing will get leads according to what type of leads the sales department needs which are quality leads. On the other hand, sales department would have a clearer understanding of the marketing mission of the company or what after all is it really trying to accomplish.
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Think of it this way, when you have one department that is engaged in thinking “out of the box” and then another that is being commission to “think within the box” then the company can fully understand the behavior of a potential buyer, and this too must be shared among departments. Imagine how cooperating entities can now work smoothly. Marketing’s collateral materials applied to every particular stage of the sales funnel are assisting a sales movement along a sales pipeline or through the process of a sales funnel.
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So instead of leads falling away because they are simply not followed, methods are instead found to address all leads so they are not wasted or it increases the minimal average cost per lead by industry. This is a game changer and this should be applied to every marketing and sales efforts so that your business will be benefits from the clear definition of your firm’s growth strategy, and it also optimizes every buying cycle that separates you product from your competition. Since there are a lot of products being sold in the market today, consumers look for a company that provides a solution through good content and that helps them to through each stage of the buying cycle easily.