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5 Great Ideas for Your Next Summer Youth Group Missions Trip Are you wondering if there are uplifting ways to spend your summer break? Do you wish to get involved in group activities that positively impact your community? Summers usually presents us with ample opportunity to have a great time while immersed in unique life changing activities. There are so many activities to engage in, both as a group or an individual. One would be forgiven if he or she gets a bit confused when picking the most desirable idea for the next youth group mission trip. Outlined below are several great plans you can look into with your group. Look after the elderly Each of your colleagues will find their participation in this uplifting engagement fulfilling. Sometimes it gets really lonely in old people’s nursing homes. Sadly the aged are sometimes abandoned in these homes by their next of kin. It would therefore be a pleasant surprise for them to experience compassion from the youth.
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Get into the sporting arena
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You simply cannot exhaust the amount of games that your group can include in their mission trip plans. You don’t have to actually play any game. A visit to your local baseball stadium or perhaps following up on what’s happening in the football league can be a great way to bond while having tones of fun. Take a trip overseas Comes across as a costly plan. Not really though, that is if you organize yourselves in good time. There are quite a number of organizations operating in many developing countries that are always on the lookout for volunteers to help out – and they will pay for your ticket. This is definitely the ultimate learning and bonding experience a youth group can be involved in. Visit an orphanage Dedicating some of your spare time to take care of kids is among the most noble causes any young person can get involved in. It is more fulfilling when the said children are the abandoned housed in orphanages around the nation. There are kids in these homes who have never experienced familial love, let alone material possessions. Your presence and gifts will not only be a blessing to them physically but a reason to hope for a better tomorrow. Numerous gigs are held during the summer holidays. Look up for the venues and dates of performances by artists you and your group members like and get an advance booking. Booking for the tickets as a group well in advance may give you the opportunity to get a great discount. The mentioned tips can help you spend youth mission trips wisely. Hopefully, you can inspire other youths to join you in the next trip.