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Types of Engagement Rings To Give to Your Bride to Be

Chances are that when you believe that you have found the woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with, you must be willing to get down on one knee and propose. Even before you propose to that lady, you should have already decided on the type of engagement ring that you will give. A diamond ring is the most obvious choice for an engagement ring. So says our modern day that grew out of a shrewd marketing ploy. A long time ago, however, this was not so.

Although diamond rings are surrounded by a certain special aura, in truth they are neither rare nor special. The control of both supply and demand by cartels is the reason why diamonds are very expensive. In other words, diamonds were a common choice for engagement rings, but were considered just one option amongst many, and people back then were choosing diamonds less and less often. If they get a diamond at all they choose something inexpensive, choosing to spend their money on other things. These have changed since the blitz when the most successful ad campaigns of all time were made. Now, the vast majority of people consider diamond rings, when the time comes to get engaged.

There are women who don’t want natural diamonds yet they also do not want to be left behind modern tradition, then the option is to get her a man-made diamond. To many people who cannot tell the difference, these synthetic diamonds which are cheap and plastic-like are the same as the natural one. However, cubic zirconia and similar materials like moissanite are considered diamond “simulants”. They look virtually identical to real diamonds to the naked eye, but are composed of a different substance. These stones are a lot cheaper than real diamonds. The second choice in this category is much different, it is not even accurate to call them synthetic because these are laboratory created. You can call them cultured diamonds. These are created through an atom-by-atom crystal growth process that exactly duplicates the physical chemical and optical properties of naturally-mined diamonds. Their profuse production makes their price relatively lower than mined diamonds.
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Giving something to a woman with simple tastes only require that the ring you will give her will show here that you are looking forward to be her husband. Today, the most popular option is the tie ring which is made by interlocking two overhand knows it two parallel wires.
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You can also give a ring with a meaningful gemstone. These gemstones are sometimes more beautiful than a diamond and each of them have their own traditional meaning. This can also be a great option.

Many men give their bride to be a family heirloom as an engagement ring which gives a lot of meaning and significant to the relationships and it will also give you some serious cash savings.