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Tips About Traveling Around Mexico It is important first that you know some guidelines before you can go about traveling to Mexico. It is important that you first learn the things that you need to prepare on your trip to the country of Mexico, because this region has so much to offer that every single step should be smooth. There are several travelers in the world who know the fact that the country of Mexico has several things that make it among the best. Before starting your vacation around the country of Mexico, it is best that you can first learn about what you should do in order to enjoy this trip. First is about learning the language in the country of Mexico.
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Despite the similarities in some points of the American culture and the Mexican culture, the language between Mexico and the United States is downright different. When it comes to the language of the country of Mexico, Spanish is the one that most people use in the region. This does not discount the fact, however, that English is still spoken in several parts of the country of Mexico.
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There are instances when some English speakers can just rely on the language being universal that the citizens and locals of Mexico can understand them, but while this is true, there are certain locals farther down in Mexico that only speak Spanish and so for an English speaker who plans to visit Mexico learning a few Spanish can help them get through. Especially if you are a foreign language speaker other than English and Spanish, there are several locals who are just bilingual, meaning they can speak both English and Spanish. Getting yourself oriented with the currency in Mexico is a great help. The Mexican peso is considered the official currency in everything spending and buying in the country. While the US dollar can also work and can be accepted in certain places in the region such as in the borders, it is still wiser if you can exchange some good dollars into Mexican peso so you are altogether certain. Credit cards are great especially when you are around malls and mainstream restaurants, but if you are exploring the country in the other places, it is best to keep pocket cash with you. There are stores that work on cash payment basis but there are stores that also accept credit cards, so it is best if you can have them both ways. There are certain locations in the country of Mexico when you can exchange your money for the local currency, such as supermarkets, banks and the local money changers. But check out with your local currencies first if they have special policies. Keep smaller bills for changes when you are traveling around as well.