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Effects of Brexit on Tourist Destination Prices in Britain

The European Union provides a single market for all member countries through truce that allows the countries to trade freely and enjoy added benefits from the union. The act of Britain to leave the European Union would have many adverse effects which would come along with restrictions, closure from certain markets and pound weakening. Thus, Britain should make an effort of making calculations for all possible effects of Brexit to Britons taking into consideration their economic, personal and professional factors not leaving behind the resultant negative impacts on transport.

It is incredibly true that Brexit would have greater negative impacts on families willing to travel outside Britain during holidays because the travelling costs would have increased by several pounds. It is true that in the incidence of embarking on a journey, one tends to obtain something to drink or to drink which may be difficult due to increased costs on drinks and food and more so, increasing costs on accommodation thus making the whole process of travelling very expensive. Thus, you find that many Britons will not be in a position to travel overseas due the reduced value of the pound in relation to other countries which makes holiday visits almost to impossible.

The unpleasant thing concerning Brexit is that it leads to risking consumer protection given to Britons which involves free health offered to those with an insurance card of European health and also risking the package for protecting against financial problems of Briton travelers. In the incidence of Brexit existing for a very long period of time in Britain, the sterling pound will automatically weaken against different currencies thus leading to reduced spending overseas contrary to those residing in Britain. In addition, the habit of European countries to enjoy the presence of many routes, lower fares and more airlines will not be the norm anymore and caps will be imposed on mobile charges.

It is incredibly true that the goods and services bought by the travelers will increase in cost due to the weaker pound which could lead to more negative impacts on other benefits given to those going for holidays from Britain. It is incredibly true that accessing flights with lower costs will be difficult because of Britain leaving the common market enhanced by European Union. Therefore, the cheap cost fares that were earlier on brought about by single market for aviation will become difficult thus losing benefits leading to competition with airlines from other countries.

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