Leisure and travel trends: How do Gen Z travel?

Generation Z, or Gen Z for short, is the demographic cohort born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s. They are the youngest generation of travelers, and they have different preferences and expectations than their older counterparts. In this article, we will explore how Gen Z travel, focusing on one of their popular destinations: Bournemouth, a coastal town in England.

Gen Z are digital natives

One of the defining characteristics of Gen Z is that they are digital natives, meaning they grew up with the internet and social media. They are constantly connected, and they use technology to plan, book, and share their travel experiences. According to a survey by Booking.com, 56% of Gen Z travelers use travel apps to find the best deals, 52% use them to plan their itinerary, and 50% use them to discover new places. Moreover, 70% of Gen Z travelers say that Wi-Fi is a must-have when traveling, and 48% say that they would not stay at a place that does not have a strong internet connection.

Gen Z also rely on social media for travel inspiration and validation. They follow travel influencers, bloggers, and vloggers who showcase their adventures and lifestyles on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. They also share their own travel photos and videos with their friends and followers, seeking likes, comments, and feedback. According to a study by Expedia Group Media Solutions, 83% of Gen Z travelers get travel inspiration from social media, and 67% say that they have booked a trip based on an image or video they saw on social media.

Gen Z are experiential travelers

Another trait of Gen Z is that they are experiential travelers, meaning they seek authentic, immersive, and meaningful experiences when they travel. They are not interested in traditional sightseeing or mass tourism; they want to explore new cultures, learn new skills, and make a positive impact on the world. According to a report by Skift, 86% of Gen Z travelers say that experiencing a new culture is the most important reason to travel, 60% say that they want to learn something new when they travel, and 56% say that they want to volunteer or do something good for the local community when they travel.

Gen Z also value personalization and customization when it comes to their travel experiences. They want to create their own itineraries, choose their own activities, and have flexibility and freedom in their travel plans. They are not loyal to any particular brand or destination; they are always looking for new and exciting options that suit their preferences and budgets. According to a report by Amadeus, 80% of Gen Z travelers say that they prefer to book each part of their trip separately rather than buying a package deal, and 72% say that they like to change their travel plans spontaneously.

How do Gen Z travel to Bournemouth?

Bournemouth is a seaside town that attracts Gen Z travelers with its affordable and convenient accommodation, its easy access by public transport, and its scenic attractions. Gen Z travelers can stay at a hotel in Bournemouth that provides them with modern amenities, such as the [SAP Hotel Bournemouth], which has a rooftop bar and a wellness center. They can also participate in various activities that let them have fun, learn new things, and make a difference, such as surfing lessons, street art tours, and volunteering at a food bank. Bournemouth offers Gen Z travelers a memorable and meaningful travel experience.