Mauritius: Along with the right people

I could write endless stories and articles about the beautiful trip that I had to Mauritius. But that was so much more intricate and jubilant when we set on the course in a group! A land that is absolutely gorgeous and stunning is a great get-away. And if you wish to travel around along with your family, old college friends or simply for a girl’s trip out, Mauritius is perfect for you! With incredible tourist attractions in the day, the nightlife is equally lively and attractive! The beach makes it a perfect all-kinds-of-mood parties and the parks make it lush with greenery!

Mauritius is known for its rich culture, diversity, and traditions which are a perfect blend of Indian, French, English and many other tit-bits of westernization. This makes their cuisine rather exotic and though seems to be derived from other cultures, is truly unique and different. Their songs and taste in music follow a similar pattern, with a slight twist of the usage of common Bhojpuri words as well!

We set on our trip by renting a car in Mauritius. The decision seemed rather too rash to rent an SUV for seven people but turned out to be one of the best and yes we had chose Soleiro Car Rental Mauritius for car rental. This ensured that the seven of stayed together and there were no diversions or separation moments (we know what kind of panic that causes!). Moreover, it turned out to fit perfectly in our budgets without blowing holes through our wallets! And of course, it meant seven times the fun.

The list of activities to do were enormous in Mauritius! We did a total of 6 activities that were more economical to be pursued in a group. One of them was big game fishing, which leads to inevitable team formation and wars. Whether the fish we caught was big or not, the game was surely an absolute pleasure! Next was a catamaran, which basically meant cruising on a ship with large sails. Just as seen in the movies, the beautiful white ship in the background of an infinite blue sea was a true delight when surrounded by the people you loved. All these were actually considered to separate from the sea activities. Paragliding, snorkeling, Banana rides, and canoes were also conducted on the shores of the beautiful country.

The other thing that Mauritius is well known for is the lush green and awestruck sceneries. The trip to reach the beautiful Tamarind waterfalls was preceded by a breath-taking trek up the hills. In fact, if you fear to slip or prefer the dry lands, the long ranges of hills in the country are also an invigorating hike. The other touristic attraction for trekking and hiking is the Black River Gorges National Park. This acted as an all-in-one package with the endless and variants of scenic beauty that it had to offer. In fact, the number of natural attractions was too many to be counted on your hands. It started from waterfalls, lush greenery, and forests with beautiful creatures and their habitat, canyons, natural reserves and wonderful parks. Furthermore, there are many small islands in and around. Sailing down to them for a night’s stay on the beach is an adventure and experience of its own.

Last, but not the least, is the nightlife. The concept of a throbbing beach night parties has taken over Mauritius. The coastline would have multiple clubs and pubs lined up to give you the perfect view over a drink of the shore. The nightlife is scintillating and Mauritius caters for all kinds of the nocturnal. There are a few wild party animal clubs and a few silently enjoy the talk over tequila shots with your friends.

All in all, Mauritius is a must see! If you join a large group, you will experience life in a way not similar to ones before. And I strongly recommend renting a car. Do not worry about the directions and lack of knowledge of the place! The renting agency provides you with maps and a GPS navigation system. And over and above, the people there are absolute sweethearts! I would not doubt for even a second that you would regret having come all the way to the beautiful country. To be honest, you would regret not coming when given a chance!