Pet friendly hotels: what are the most important services

An increasing number of facilities are becoming pet friendly hotels and the beach walk or the hike between the mountains with your four-quarters friend is possible in an increasing number of tourist destinations. But are the structures that accept dogs and cats really cozy?

According to a recent survey conducted by a well-known hotel comparison website, 53{b6b2b4bef2728a3cfbc86cf9741d2e6a539a95b265cb37a486d527b4aebebac4} of respondents reported just enough of their stay in structures that define pet friendly hotels with only basic services.

To be really “pet friendly” and tailor-made for your four-legged friends, a pet friendly hotel must have first of all a 24 hour veterinary service for any emergency, open-air dogs and must be close to beach or other attractions that the facility promotes on its site, brochures or other channel. Rooms also have a balcony and possibly the first floor to speed up the exit of the animals when they need to go out for their needs.

The best pet friendly hotels are happy to host pets and devote them to many additional amenities to make your stay special. Having a wide choice of pet friendly hotels allows you to travel with you carrying your dog or cat, avoiding dilapidation at home or in a retirement home. Throughout Italy you will fortunately find a pet friendly hotel ready to welcome you to the best.

But what should really be a real pet friendly hotel? Among the basic services there are undoubtedly bowls of water in the room, one brand for each dog and one bunk for each cat, dog sanitary bags and a litter for cats. Among the “premium” services we may find a welcome pet kit and also a dog sitting and grooming service on request. In short, these services are the indispensable minimum for a lovely welcome to your pet and to make their owner understand that the hotel have taken seriously their needs.

In any case, it is important to remember that there is an extra cleaning service for the rooms occupied by pets following your stay.

When traveling with your pet, it is important not to forget to tell the hotel that you travel with him. You can contact the hotel directly or reserve the Pet Friendly Package via the confirmation email you receive from the hotel after booking. Once you arrive at the hotel you will find all the services you have chosen for your 4-legged friend.