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What You Should Understand

Greenland is the world’s largest island 5 with an space of over 2.1 million km², whereas Australia , the world’s smallest continent, 6 has an area of seven.6 million km², but there isn’t a commonplace of measurement which distinguishes islands from continents , 7 or from islets 8 There is a difference between islands and continents in terms of geology Continents sit on continental lithosphere which is a part of tectonic plates floating high on Earth’s mantle Oceanic crust can be a part of tectonic plates, but it’s denser than continental lithosphere, so it floats low on the mantle. In addition, a reverse osmosis water purification plant and the first windmill turbines within the British Virgin Islands had been put in to reduce the island’s carbon footprint. It might not carry out as well as the ducted sorts however it does the job of filtering and sustaining good and healthy …

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