The Top 5 Best Activities for Successful Ghost Hunts

Albeit spooky, taking part in a ghost hunt can be a very rewarding experience. It can lay to rest many questions you have while bringing up many more. It’s important to note that not all ghost hunting endeavours are the same, and the end result will always be determined by the tools used, places visited, and people involved. To get the most of out of any serious ghost hunt, a few key strategies should be utilized whenever possible.

The Top 5 Activities for a Successful Ghost Hunt

When getting started, be sure that all your tools are working properly. A well-planned strategy will only get you so far on a ghost hunt that is cursed by faulty equipment. Once that is settled, you can move through your hunt with more confidence (and come out of it with more proof).

1.)        Explore Abandoned Buildings

It’s time to get your explorer cap on, because the best ghost hunts take place where no life is typically found. This includes old houses, churches, castles, and even graveyards. Notorious for being home to some of the most haunted grounds on Earth, overgrown cemeteries and abandoned buildings are not only intriguing but they can also give you lots of compelling material for your reveal.

2.)        Take a Walking Tour

When looking around those abandoned grounds, don’t just skim the area and move on. A successful ghost hunt requires close attention, as well as patience and a steady hand. Walking tours allow you to gather intel on the property while slowly observing the natural state of things. It’s often possible to witness haunting activity while simply strolling along minding your own business.

3.)        Camp Out Overnight

The things you see and hear during the day usually pale in comparison to the amazing hauntings you might witness when the world is dark and quiet. Night time is the right time for ghost hunts, and there are numerous reasons for that. To take advantage of lowered noise interference, dimmer light spectrums, and calmer surroundings that beckon spirits from their lair, camp out overnight at one of those abandoned spots and see what happens then.

4.)        Plan a Vigil

Vigils help make spirits and other entities feel more welcome in your presence, which is one of the main reasons why they are commonly planned before, during, or after a ghost hunt. It doesn’t matter so much when you perform the vigil, it’s only important that you find a good time to do it. Not only do vigils call out spirits, they also send them back to where they came from – a huge advantage when negative entities have arrived.

5.)        Take Part in a Séance

Nothing says “ghost hunt” quite like a good séance with the serious hunters in your group. Keep in mind that everyone should be on the same mental and emotional plane to get the séance to work properly. Although some spirits may come out to play, an improperly rehearsed séance can have drastic and sometimes catastrophic results. A successful ghost hunt séance requires patience, practice, and piety.

Use these top five activities during your next ghost hunt and see an amazing turnout. Be sure to take notes and record everything you possibly can. Nobody will believe the things you hear or see unless you do.