Types of Indonesian Culture

Traditional Garments
Balinese males in traditional clothes within the form of a headband (destra), songket saput and keris terlesip on the back of the waist. While women wear two pieces of songket, setagen songket or meprada and shawl or senteng. He also wore a gold floral decoration and frangipani flowers on the top. Jewelry she wore was earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.


Traditional Weapon
Kris as a weapon Bali residents. In addition to self-protection, a dagger can signify someone in a wedding invitation. According to the belief as a resident of Bali, when keris soaked in water will heal the members of the family of a venomous animal bites. The deal with of a dagger made of wooden, some are encrusted gem.

In addition there are additionally keris spear used for hunting, warfare or cremation. There can also be a machete used for farming purposes and to prepare for religious ceremonies.

Beautiful Sights in Indonesia

Raja Ampat Papua


Raja Ampat is considered one of pleasure Indonesian archipelago situated in the eastern a part of Indonesia exactly in the space of West Papua. Raja Ampat is very famous for its underwater magnificence. Nearly half the world’s species of fish within the sea Raja Ampat. There are additionally many inns that serve the consolation and beauty of the natural landscape Raja Ampat.

Bali Island


Bali is a tourist spot in Indonesia is very standard on this planet. Everyone ought to be familiar with Indonesia from Bali. On the island there are various vacationer attractions that you may visit. There is an exquisite seaside resort of Kuta to benefit from the sundown. There ubud bali offering natural sights with a rustic atmosphere and there are additionally different tourist places that are not as lovely as Bedugul, Tanah Lot and many more.



Indonesia is famous for its beautiful underwater tour one among which is journey Bunaken marine park. Bunaken is situated in the province of North Sulawesi. By doing snorkeling in Bunaken, you will be spoiled with beautiful coral reefs and fish are very lovely. Because the natural fantastic thing about the sea, therefore bunaken enter into 10 most popular and the very best vacationer spots in Indonesia.

Mount Bromo


Never inform already visited varied vacationer in Indonesia if you don’t visit Mount Bromo. Romo mountain area located in East Java, precisely within the national park Tengger Sumeru. You will be capable to get pleasure from the fantastic thing about the dawn have been very charming, if you climb to the top of Mount Bromo.